Whats Hot Right NOW in Chiropractic Marketing!

Personal Injury Secret Weapon that provides Guaranteed New PI Patients.

New Patient Chiropractic Postcards Assures new Patients each month. Avg 10 new patients per month month for $1100 per month.

Referral Booster-Your best patients will refer more patients like themselves (only $97/month)

Insurance Reminders-Remind your patients that their benefits renew in the new year.  1000 customized to and printed for your office for only $99.

Auto Accident Referral Network: Proven system to decades of referrals from other auto accident professionals. One time fee of $997.

Chiropractic Marketing Experts

We are the Chiropractic marketing firm to help you grow your practice.  For the past 14 years we have been helping chiropractors grow their practices.  We specialize in and offer proven solutions to grow your practice with New Patients, Personal Injury (PI), Reactivate old patients, Retain existing patients, Boost Referrals, and provide marketing strategy & coaching to assure you a successful practice.  We are the only Chiropractic Marketing firm that offers guaranteed results!

Personal Injury Marketing, Chiropractic Postcards, Referral Booster, Reactivation Campaign, Auto Accident Lists…

If we can’t guarantee it we don’t offer it.  Our solutions to  New Patients, Reactivation, Increasing PVA, Personal Injury, & Referrals all come with a Money Back Guarantee*.
In addition to our proven Chiropractic Marketing campaigns we also provide creative in office campaigns for a variety of different purposes including: campaigns for patient eduction, massage programs, weight loss, insurance reminders, patient appreciation events, Holiday Campaigns (like Veterans Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day…), Search Engine Optimization, Personal Injury Branding, Aliment and Condition Education, Every Door Direct Mail designs, Customized mailing lists based on ailments and conditions with specific postcards designed around each ailment, Missed appointment cards, Recall Cards, Existing Patient Postcards that work better and are cheaper than Newsletters, Moving office campaigns, new offices, Ideal Protein, Ladies Night, Laser cards, and so much more in the field of design print and strategy to help your practice.

If you are looking to grow, we will provide a FREE consultation that will provide you a realistic plan on how to reach your goals based on where you are and your budget.  Call or Text 360-326-8896 or email info@JustUsChiropracticMarketing.com

Make It a PROFITABLE 2014!

13 ways to make 2014 your best year ever…

Our gift to you this Christmas is 13 monthly presents that produces profits all year long! Each month you will have a different present to redeem from JustUs!  Keep this card for the offers and offer codes and be sure to call, text or email during the first week of the month to capture your monthly present!

Free and discounted offers for Chiropractors to boost their pracice all year long in 2014 free postcards reactivation and new patients recall missed appointments and more offers

What Chiropractic Marketing You Should Consider:

  • Personal Injury Secret Weapon:  Right now we are getting slammed with requests for Personal Injury Marketing.  Specifically our Secret Weapon Program because this campaign provides guaranteed PI patients scheduled directly with your practice.  The Secret Weapon achieves guaranteed results by marketing to recent auto accidents through direct mail, telemarketing, and SEO in your local market.*   We schedule patients directly with your practice, remind patients of their appointments, follow up with missed appointments, and Check in after the appointment.  You don’t need to do anything other than treat the patients.  Prices vary from state to state. Setup month is $599, and for a minimum guarantee of 3 new PI patients per month, monthly prices average $2400-$3200/month depending on the area.Currently we have expanded and accepting 3 new Secret Weapon Clients in January 2014. We would like 1 office on the east coast, one in Central/Mountain and one on the West Coast.  Call today to learn more, lock in your area, or get on the waiting list.  360-326-8896 or if you are reading this after hours, text or email PI@JustusChiropracticMarketing.com to set a time to talk that works for you.
    *Secret Weapon Not available in all markets or may need to be modified to follow local laws and regulations.

Insurance Benefits postcard: Now is the time to remind your patients that their insurance benefits renew at the start of the year.

postcard for new years from chiropractors  new year new you chiropractic postcard to send to remind clients of insurance benefits

  • Referral Booster: No other Chiropractic marketing program works as well as this campaign.  If you have existing referrals and want more new patients like your best patients, this is the campaign for you. This campaign includes everything you need to educate your patients on the type of patients to refer, provides them referral cards to hand out, and we coach your team.  Each campaign is custom designed to your practice needs and goals.  Currently quarterly campaigns that start at only $97 per month (normally $187) or bimonthly campaigns for $147/month (normally $299). Prices includes strategy, custom design, referral cards,  in office education and promotional materials that change either quarterly or every other month.

Referral Booster poster chiropractic marketing campaign   Chiropractic marketing poster  Georgia_rb_Nov10-qtr_poster_sm   Woodland_rb_iPad_poster_sm

  • New Patient Chiropractic Postcards & EDDM:  Need more new patients?  EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) Chiropractic postcards are great and affordable new way to boost your new patient numbers.  These cards are very large 6.5×8, full color both sides, on heavy 14pt card stock, UV coated to protect and enhance the look, and have a smaller address area to increase room for your message.  Our clients sending out only 2500 postcards per month are seeing an average of 5-10 new patients per month.  A typical campaign like this that includes everything (strategy, custom design, printing, mailing list, addressing, postage, mailing) is on sale for $1100 per month.  We do have 1000′s of designs.  We only put a few designs online.  Call 360-326-8896 to learn how you can see ur vault of proven effective designs!  That equates to a minimum of a $10 back for every $1 you invest and up to $20 back for every $1 you invest based on the average annual chiropractic patient value of $1500.  A home run for chiropractic marketing!

PI postcards for auto accidents chiropractic marketing new patients auto accident  new year new you chiropractic postcard  pi personal injury postcard for marketing chiropractors  april chiropractic referral booster ad

chiropractic postcard marketing advertising pi headaches  headache back pain postcard chiropractors marketing advertising postcards

“Chiropractic Marketing that Works…”

There are many ways to market your practice and you are surrounded by suggestions and sales people at every corner telling you what you should do.  Here at JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, we only offer marketing programs that have been tested and proven to work in other chiropractic practices around the nation.  Most importantly, we are ROI junkies, meaning we expect every dollar you invest to produce $10 back!

The first place to start when marketing your practice is from within, referred to as internal marketing.  This is the most effective and affordable type of marketing.  This includes structured referral programs, keeping in touch and educating your existing patients, reactivating past patients, and recalling recent patients.  Internal marketing is not as sexy as external to most chiropractors, but it is how you will grow and sustain a profitable practice. It is a lot easier and cheaper to keep the patients you have, get them referring, and increase PVA than it is to get new patients.

External marketing is the process of marketing outside your practice to attract new patients.  New patients can come from a variety of ways, but the best long term chiropractic patients are going to live or work within a 5 mile radius of your practice.  Therefore radio, newspaper, TV and other media is not typically the best fit for attracting quality new patients. Targeting specific house holds or people who suffer from specific ailments has proven to be much more effective.  All your external marketing should be backed up with a good website and positive reviews found on the first page of major search engines like Google.

Personal Injury Patients can be attained by marketing to auto accident lists or by building and sustaining profitable relationships with a variety of different business owners in your community (NOT JUST PI ATTORNEYS).  We have auto accident lists for most areas witch when marketed to effectively produces good results.  We do have an arsenal of different PI materials from postcards, brochures, script pads, and so on.  Marketing to accident lists is what more chiropractors want to do, but building long term relationships with other business owners can have a much higher ROI for most practices.

Educational chiropractic marketing postcard

Hispanic PI Postcard Sample:  (also available in Spanish):

PI personal Injury postcard marketing advertising
A unique PI Postcard sample:

Personal Injury PI chiropractic marketing postcard


Chiropractic Marketing With a Money Back Guarantee*

At JustUs Chiropractic marketing, we know you have many options when deciding how to grow your practice. We specialize in Chiropractic marketing so we understand your needs, your patients, specifics with chiropractic practices, What marketing works, and we offer solutions specifically designed for chiropractic practices. Unlike other advertising or postcard companies, we don’t offer just one specific product, but offer complete marketing programs. This allows us not to be biased towards one product, but instead we create a plan that is right for your practice, your budget, and your goals. We understand that for you to invest in marketing can feel like a risk. We take the risk out of marketing your practice with JustUs Chiropractic Marketing by offering a

money back guarantee


We believe marketing your practice should be an investment not a cost. Therefore it is always our goal to deliver a 10-to-1 ROI (return on investment) from all the marketing programs we offer.

We offer a wide range of products and services all with the purpose of helping you reach your practice goals at an affordable price. Our expertise is in the following:

  • Multiplying new patients
  • Boosting referrals from existing patients and other professionals
  • Increasing your PVA (patient visit average) and patient value
  • Improving your reactivation numbers
  • Generating additional personal Injury patients
  • Providing cutting edge graphic design, web design and highest quality printing at dirt cheap rates.

Some of popular products and services we implement to generate results and help our clients reach their goals are:

  • Chiropractic Postcards
  • Ailment/condition postcards cards
  • Personal injury postcards
  • Existing patients postcards
  • Event postcards
  • Reactivation postcards
  • New patient postcards
  • Referral booster (a structured and guided referral program)
  • Reactivation programs
  • Personal injury programs
  • Marketing to people in recent auto accidents
  • Marketing to increase referrals from attorneys, auto body, physicians, and other professionals
  • Search Engine Optimization and Web Optimization making your website work for you
  • Social media marketing including blogging, Facebook, twitter and more
  • Marketing planning, coaching and consulting
  • Mailing lists of households around your practice of people who suffer from specific ailments and conditions.
  • Advertising placement and media buys
  • Ad Design and newspaper inserts
  • Internal marketing tools to keep in touch with existing patients, get them referring, and keep them coming back to your practice.

To learn more about JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, the different products and services we offer, or to schedule a free consultation to determine what path we recommend is right for your practice, please call our office at 360-326-8896, or simply sign up below:

7 solutions we’ve found and implemented to achieve profitable internal and external chiropractic marketing with the best returns :

  •   A structured referral program Quarterly or bi-monthly called the Referral Booster increases referrals, motivates staff, and increases PVA
  • Quarterly postcards to existing patients (even if just your top 20%) increases PVA, referrals, keeps your patients active, educates them on your practice and condition / ailments you treat and recalls recent patients.
  • Reactivation program over a 3 month duration will reactivate you patients and significantly boost your bottom line.
  • Map and Listing reviews that are optimized but also have a plethora of positive reviews
  • A simple website analysis to determine if your site has the components to capture leads and provide new visitors the right information they seek to allow your marketing to be most successful.
  • Strategic Partnerships established with a variety of businesses to attain long lasting PI referrals (towing, auto body, attorneys, family medical, taxi cab drivers, massage, osteopaths, naturopaths, orthopedists, and so on).
  • Postcards mailed to either a radius around your practice OR to a specific ailment list that you treat.

You can choose to do one or all seven of these products to grow your practice. Prices start at only $188 per month. Marketing Packages start at only $499 per month.

Referral Booster 100 to 1 ROI = most profitable Chiropractic Marketing Program

The Referral Booster is the most effective and affordable marketing tool you can add to your practice…HANDS DOWN! The best part about the Referral Booster is its proven 100-to-1 return on investment. This is the first place we recommend any practice start marketing. Established practices, brand new or even specialty practices like decompression or PI chiropractic practices… Everyone should be doing the referral booster. Your practice will grow exponentially with the strategies of employing your patients and motivating your staff all implemented in this campaign

At JustUs Chiropractic marketing we make the Referral Booster simple to use, provide coaching to assure your success, back your campaign with a 100% money back guarantee, and customize it to your practice. Quarterly campaigns are only $188/month

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Personal Injury Marketing Program

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing we offer three different personal injury programs to best accommodate your practice, needs, and budget. We do offer our clients exclusivity with the first two campaigns.

Our first personal injury program is a complete turnkey program that WILL flood your practice with new personal injury patients by establishing referral networks between your practice and other strategic partners in your community. The most obvious are PI attorneys, but the more effective are auto body shops, physical therapists, towing companies, family doctors, orthopedists among many others. This campaign takes some time to start producing, but then it is like a train in how long it takes to stop. We have one client who has received over $500,000 in referrals from just one Naturopath! This specific PI campaign works best for those looking to invest in the long-term growth of their practice.

Our second personal injury option is to market to those involved in recent auto accidents. We receive lists of recent auto accidents and send specific marketing materials to these individuals. Availability and processes vary from state to state. Call for exact details and availability in your state. maOver 20 individual components and ingenious methods, legal in all 50 states, to steadily grow your practice with PI Patients. Each Program is customized to your office and includes everything! This is a great campaign to boost immediate business.

The third personal injury program is for the do it yourself doctor or the practice that has a staff who can implement the components. We provide needed materials including all marketing materials, coaching, and if applicable lists. We will coach you or your staff on how to build strategic partnerships and/or market to recent auto accident victims.

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Chiropractic Postcards to Boost Your Practice with 10-20 new pts per month!

As a firm that specializes in Chiropractic Marketing, we have a wide variety of extremely effective chiropractic postcards that produce new pts! All Postcards are not created equal.  At JustUs our Chiropractic Postcards are strategically laid out, designed, and mailed at the most effective time to generate the greatest response.   Sure the postcards are all professionally designed and make your practice look great. They are always printed full-color both sides on the highest quality hard stock glossy paper with a protective UV coating. This provides a high end look that provides confidence that you are a reputable and high end practice. Whats most important is having the right message, reaching the right people at the right time.  That is why more chiropractors use JustUS Chiropractic Marketing for their postcard mailings because we get our clients results!

You can choose from print and design only or choose full service postcard campaigns. With full service, we provide you a stellar design, printing, mailing list (if applicable), we run the list through the national change of address database, address the cards with appropriate bar coding, apply postage, and drop the cards at your local post office. By dropping at your local post office compared to dropping your cards at our local post office you win 2 ways! First we can calculate the exact date your postcards will land in mail boxes. Secondly your postage rate is FAR LESS than if we dropped the cards at our local post office. In many instances you will pay 5 cents less per card! This is something other postcard companies and marketing firms won’t tell you because it is requires work on their part and they just don’t offer it. Even though it is more work and more of a pain, we do this because it saves you money and increases results which overall increases your return on investment!

Chiropractic postcards attract new patients, but chiropractic postcards are a great way to increase PVA by reaching existing patients quarterly, boost Personal Injury ( PI ), reactivate past patients, remind and recall recent patients, educate on specific ailments you treat, and are a great way to announce and invite your patients to special events like lectures, dinners, ladies night, and so on.

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing we offer cards to keep you in touch and in front of your existing patients which increases PVA. We have very specifically designed postcards that reactivate your past patients. We even have postcards to mail to your top 20% of best referring patients to announce your referral programs. We have a vault filled with Personal Injury postcards to establish partnerships, reach recent auto accident victims, to mail to your patients, or to send to the community. Obviously we have numerous new patient postcards that can be sent around your practice or to specific mailing lists.

Since only 7% of Americans see a Chiropractor, it is obvious that most people don’t know the different ailments and conditions Chiropractic care can treat. That is why we have specific condition and ailment mailing lists and postcards for each specific ailments. That’s right… we have updated mailing lists for almost any ailment including diabetes, fibromyalgia, sciatica, migraines, obesity, shoulder pain, arthritis and tons more. Marketing directly to people who suffer from a specific condition with a very classy and direct postcard that has a solution dramatically increases results! We do offer neighborhood mailing lists around your practice which allow us to target households by income, household value, age of people, children in the home, homeowners and more.

The Last type of postcards we offer are event types of postcards. These are great to promote a ladies night, community appreciation, seminar, donation drive, wellness event, weight loss or nutrition event. These cards can be mailed to existing patients or to homes and businesses around your practice.

Don’t overlook the value of Chiropractic Postcards. We stand behind our annual Chiropractic Postcard campaigns with a money back guarantee. To see samples and learn more about our postcards contact JustUs at 360-326-8896.

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Reputation Accelerator!

When researching health care the majority of people will look at consumer reviews before they make a phone call to set an appointment. So in order for your practice to grow , you need to have a fair number of positive reviews on major listing sites.  The more popular ones include Google Maps, Yelp, Yellow pages, City Search and Dex.

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing we have a very simple, affordable and effective solution to getting you 1st page placement on all major search engines AND providing plenty of  positive review on the top 10 review sites.

The value of this service is that it will produce new patients on its own, but it also increases the effectiveness of your other marketing.  Most everyone will go to your reviews to make sure you are a good reputable practice with positive reviews before they call or take action on any other marketing.  This very affordable service will significantly grow your practice!  It only costs $188 per month with no commitment!  Call for details and to get started 360-326-8896.

$100 in FREE Chiropractic Marketing!

Don’t wait another day to start marketing your chiropractic practice.  Start marketing your practice today and let a $100 gift card towards a marketing campaign sweeten the deal! Simply click the below icon and sign up for yours for FREE!

Free Marketing Consult and $100 Gift Card!

JustUs Chiropractic marketing specializes in personal injury marketing, postcards, seo, Google Maps, Reviews, Reputation, graphic design, and marketing materials for chiropractors offices.  We have the tools to boost your new patient numbers, reactivate past patients, increase your PVA patient visit averages, get you on the first page of Google, build a profitable and long lasting PI practice, postcards to sent to patients, postcards to attract new patients, ailment and educational postcards, event postcards, reactivation postcards, referral program announcements, Christmas cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, and in office structured referral programs
*Money Back Guarantee applicable on selected campaigns and refers to the guarantee that you will earn your money back over the course of the campaign based on the lifetime value of a new patient. Call For details.  Money Back Guarantee form must be completed.