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We have 1,000’s of postcard designs that are proven to produce results

New Patients

Reactivate Old

Increase Your PVA

Boost Retention

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Add More Referrals

Educate on Ailments and Conditions

or Simply Flood Your Practice with more PI Patients

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Educate Your Patients and Get Them To Refer Others

The Referral Booster is an internal marketing system that educates your

patients on different conditions and ailments you treat, incentives them

to refer, and provides them the tools they need to refer.

The easiest way to grow your practis is through referrals!

Starting At $99/Month

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Referrals From Attorneys, Shops, Insurance Agents and More.

If you want a portion of your practice or all of it to be personal injury, then

this is the right campaign for you. The Treasure Chest is a fool proof

system to establish, build, and maintain a constant flow of personal injury

patients coming into your practice.

A LOW one time fee!

Starting At $99/Month

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Reactivate Your Old Patient Lists

The Right Message, Proper Frequency, Correct Media, Right Timing

We have invested enormous amounts of time and money perfecting the

4 elements above to assure you tons of reactivated patients.

Starting At $399/Month

It's What We Do

We're Chiropractic Experts

We are the Chiropractic marketing firm to help you grow your practice.  For the past 14 years we have been helping chiropractors grow their practices.  We specialize in and offer proven solutions to grow your practice with New Patients, Personal Injury (PI), Reactivate old patients, Retain existing patients, Boost Referrals, and provide marketing strategy & coaching to assure you a successful practice.  We are the only Chiropractic Marketing firm that offers guaranteed results!

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Our Deals

Our Most Popular Services

Personal Injury Marketing

At JustUs Chiropractic we have developed, created and perfected intellectual property utilized in marketing and advertising personal injury.

New Patient Programs

If you want your chiropractic practice to have continual new patients, then you must check out chiropractic postcards.

Reactivate Past Patients

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing we have invested enormous amounts of time and money perfecting the Reactivation Campaigns to assure you tons of reactivated patients.

Referral Booster Campaign

This internal marketing system educates your patients on different conditions and ailments you treat, incentives them to refer, and provides them the tools they need to refer.

Chiropractic Postcards

As a Chiropractic Marketing firm we specialize in getting results for Chiropractors. Our postcards are not like other companies that don’t truly understand Chiropractic Care.

More Services We Provide

Referral Boosters

The most successful way for an established practice to grow is through referrals.

Reactivation Campaigns

Reactivation is one of the most effective ways to add to your bottom line and grow your practice long term.

Increase PVA, Retention & Referrals

Sending quarterly postcards to your existing active patients will increase retention, your PVA, and also boost referrals.

Chiropractic Postcards

Chiropractic Postcards are a great way to build, maintain and grow your chiropractic practice. Use one of our proven designs or opt for a custom design.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

This is a great new postcard option you can use to increase your practice with new patients by reaching neighborhoods.

PI Personal Injury Marketing

With Personal Injury patients having so much value it is worth capturing and converting as many as possible.

Special Event Marketing

Whatever the event… We can handle it for you!

Web Design

You need a website that stands out, you can easily update yourself, and you own outright!

Graphic Design

Want a special design made? We have a staff of graphic designers who can whip out a chiropractic ad or design for any occasion.


Need something printed… We are your source for the highest quality at cheap prices.

Ad Of The Month

Ads range from postcards, yellow page ads, news paper inserts, Personal Injury ads and more…

1st Page On Google

Being on the first page of Google for strategic key words is a critical marketing step.

New Patient Programs

New Patient Chiropractic Postcards are designed to educate and attract new patients that live or work around your practice.

Educational Programs

Educational Programs are meant educates your patients on different conditions and ailments you treat.

Contact Us To See How We Can Help You!

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing we offer a wide variety of products and services to fit your specific practice goals and budget. It is to your advantage that we don’t offer just one product. During your free marketing consultation we will gather necessary information about your practice and the direction you want to take it. We will then advice you on the product, service, or campaign that best fits you. Your success if our success!

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What Chiropractic Marketing Should You Consider?

Personal Injury Secret Weapon:  Right now we are getting slammed with requests for Personal Injury Marketing.  Specifically our Secret Weapon Program because this campaign provides guaranteed PI patients scheduled directly with your practice.  The Secret Weapon achieves guaranteed results by marketing to recent auto accidents through direct mail, telemarketing, and SEO in your local market.*   We schedule patients directly with your practice, remind patients of their appointments, follow up with missed appointments, and Check in after the appointment.  You don’t need to do anything other than treat the patients.  Prices vary from state to state. Setup month is $599, and for a minimum guarantee of 3 new PI patients per month, monthly prices average $2400-$3200/month depending on the area.Currently we have expanded and accepting 3 new Secret Weapon Clients in January 2014. We would like 1 office on the east coast, one in Central/Mountain and one on the West Coast.  Call today to learn more, lock in your area, or get on the waiting list.  360-326-8896 or if you are reading this after hours, text or email to set a time to talk that works for you.

*Secret Weapon Not available in all markets or may need to be modified to follow local laws and regulations.

Insurance Benefits postcard: Now is the time to remind your patients that their insurance benefits renew at the start of the year.

Referral Booster: No other Chiropractic marketing program works as well as this campaign.  If you have existing referrals and want more new patients like your best patients, this is the campaign for you. This campaign includes everything you need to educate your patients on the type of patients to refer, provides them referral cards to hand out, and we coach your team.  Each campaign is custom designed to your practice needs and goals.  Currently quarterly campaigns that start at only $97 per month (normally $187) or bimonthly campaigns for $147/month (normally $299). Prices includes strategy, custom design, referral cards,  in office education and promotional materials that change either quarterly or every other month.

New Patient Chiropractic Postcards & EDDM:  Need more new patients?  EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) Chiropractic postcards are great and affordable new way to boost your new patient numbers.  These cards are very large 6.5×8, full color both sides, on heavy 14pt card stock, UV coated to protect and enhance the look, and have a smaller address area to increase room for your message.  Our clients sending out only 2500 postcards per month are seeing an average of 5-10 new patients per month.  A typical campaign like this that includes everything (strategy, custom design, printing, mailing list, addressing, postage, mailing) is on sale for $1100 per month.  We do have 1000′s of designs.  We only put a few designs online.  Call 360-326-8896 to learn how you can see ur vault of proven effective designs!  That equates to a minimum of a $10 back for every $1 you invest and up to $20 back for every $1 you invest based on the average annual chiropractic patient value of $1500.  A home run for chiropractic marketing!

View A Few Samples Of Our Postcards

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Chiropractic Marketing that Works

There are many ways to market your practice and you are surrounded by suggestions and sales people at every corner telling you what you should do.  Here at JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, we only offer marketing programs that have been tested and proven to work in other chiropractic practices around the nation.  Most importantly, we are ROI junkies, meaning we expect every dollar you invest to produce $10 back!

The first place to start when marketing your practice is from within, referred to as internal marketing.  This is the most effective and affordable type of marketing.  This includes structured referral programs, keeping in touch and educating your existing patients, reactivating past patients, and recalling recent patients.  Internal marketing is not as sexy as external to most chiropractors, but it is how you will grow and sustain a profitable practice. It is a lot easier and cheaper to keep the patients you have, get them referring, and increase PVA than it is to get new patients.

External marketing is the process of marketing outside your practice to attract new patients.  New patients can come from a variety of ways, but the best long term chiropractic patients are going to live or work within a 5 mile radius of your practice.  Therefore radio, newspaper, TV and other media is not typically the best fit for attracting quality new patients. Targeting specific house holds or people who suffer from specific ailments has proven to be much more effective.  All your external marketing should be backed up with a good website and positive reviews found on the first page of major search engines like Google.

Personal Injury Patients can be attained by marketing to auto accident lists or by building and sustaining profitable relationships with a variety of different business owners in your community (NOT JUST PI ATTORNEYS).  We have auto accident lists for most areas witch when marketed to effectively produces good results.  We do have an arsenal of different PI materials from postcards, brochures, script pads, and so on.  Marketing to accident lists is what more chiropractors want to do, but building long term relationships with other business owners can have a much higher ROI for most practices.

Chiropractic Marketing

With a Money Back Guarantee

At JustUs Chiropractic marketing, we know you have many options when deciding how to grow your practice. We specialize in Chiropractic marketing so we understand your needs, your patients, specifics with chiropractic practices, What marketing works, and we offer solutions specifically designed for chiropractic practices. Unlike other advertising or postcard companies, we don’t offer just one specific product, but offer complete marketing programs. This allows us not to be biased towards one product, but instead we create a plan that is right for your practice, your budget, and your goals. We understand that for you to invest in marketing can feel like a risk. We take the risk out of marketing your practice with JustUs Chiropractic Marketing by offering a money back guarantee.

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