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” 8 new pts in the first 30 days with the Secret Weapon…

“This is like a faucet for New Personal Injury patients…”

 “I Average $32,000 of additional revenue ever single month…”

“I received 9 new patients my first month even though my guarantee was only for 4!”

“Your PI telemarketing  and direct mail combo really works!”

Dear Friend,

With Personal Injury patients having so much value it is worth capturing and converting as many as possible.  Don’t waste the opportunity and ruin PI leads with ineffective marketing.  You will lose a lot of money, time and opportunity attempting to figure it out on your own.

At JustUs Chiropractic I have developed, created and perfected intellectual property  utilized in marketing and advertising personal injury.  I have invested years of time and expended considerable funds into perfecting our Personal Injury marketing systems so you can be assured great results with the least amount of effort.  Instead of losing time, opportunity  and money trying to figure it out on your own, take advantage of our proven headache free PI Marketing systems.  You will attract, receive and convert personal injury patients with ease.

You want long term results, a positive return on your investment and lots of PI patients. JustUs has the Personal Injury Marketing solution for your practice with guaranteed results and Guaranteed New PI Patients!*  I grant exclusivity for all of our personal injury programs so you can be assured ultimate and endless results in your area.

If you need help selecting the right PI System for your practice or simply have questions, feel free to contact myself or my staff.  I look forward to helping you grow your PI practice!

Call our office today at 360-326-8896 for exact pricing and details.  Read below to learn about our 5 different PI marketing campaigns.  Hurry we fill up fast! As of May 2013 we have closed the PI Secret Weapon to new clients until June.  You can get on the waiting list or get your agreement in now so your setup month will start in June! only 4 new clients allowed to join each month in order to provide the best service and guaranteed results! HURRY TO SECURE YOUR SPOT….We are working to add more staff and space but we only have capacity for a few more Secret Weapon Clients after granting those on the waiting list access.



John Prepula
JustUs Chiropractic Marketing
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Chiropractic Personal Injury

Depending on your practice, state and needs, we have several options for you to choose from.

5 Proven Personal Injury Marketing Campaigns:

Secret Weapon: Markets directly to auto accidents and provides guaranteed new PI patients each month.

Auto Accident Referral Network (aka Treasure Chest): This is a system to Build long-term referrals from Auto Body Shops, Towing companies, PI Attorneys, Taxi cab companies, and Rental car companies, and other businesses.  Has 3 major components, 1. step by step guide that includes everything from scripts to letters, instructions, to strategy.  2. Eight months of bi weekly coaching to assure your success. 3. over 30 PI designs customized to your practice to assure you a successful campaign.  Covered by a money back guarantee!  8 payments of $497   one time fee of $997

PI Money Maker Mailings: PI postcards to the an auto accident list. Each person in an accident receives 3 different postcards in a select time period.  Includes the auto accident list.  Starts at $497/month.  (Prices vary depending on the area).

PI Branding Kit: a complete in office system that includes posters, business cards, referral cards, and postcards to use to inform your patients and the community to see and refer your practice to those in an accident.  Only $897

Do It Yourself (DIY) Personal Injury Marketing:  We provide several DIY PI options from Mailing lists, coaching on how to procure mailing lists, PI postcards, coaching on how to implement a successful PI direct mail campaign, phone scripts for PI telemarketing,  and much more.  Call for pricing.

Read below for more information on each of our campaigns.  Call for exact pricing 360-326-8896.

Personal Injury Secret Weapon:

If you want a turn key campaign that produces guaranteed new patients every month this is your solution!   If we completely revealed all the components of the Secret Weapon it wouldn’t be secret.   We utilize gold mine auto accident lists and market directly to people in auto accidents through a variety of means including direct mail, educational components, and telemarketing where applicable.  The Secret Weapon uses components that educate, boost show rates, and create excited new patients who want to get examined by your practice.  We provide a minimum guarantee of new PI patients each month.  That means we set a minimum number (three is a normal number) that we guarantee we will refer to your practice.  When we refer more than the minimum there is no additional charge.  We utilize direct mail in conjunction to telemarketing and adwords to reach recent auto accidents (as legal and allowed per city and state).  This works more effective than telemarketing alone as many people are not accessibly via phone either due to work schedule, Do Not Call list, or other obvious reasons. Our combination works well and we are able to refer patients that meet your qualifications.  Start up month is $599 and the monthly fee varies depending on the area and minimum guarantee.  Average pricing for a minimum 3 guarantee ranges from $1800-$3200.  Call for specific details.

Justus chiropractic marketing secret weapon PI maketing campaign detailsJustUs Chiropractic marketing PI one sheet  personal injury telemarketing campaign

Personal Injury Treasure Chest:

The best way to build a long term and profitable PI practice is through ongoing PI referrals.  Almost all Chiropractors reach out and try to gain referrals from PI Attorneys.  I can tell you this is one of the worst referral sources you can target.  Our firm receives calls weekly from PI attorneys asking us to market their firm to our Chiropractic clients.  I will ask everyone of them if they refer back to chiropractors and 90% respond “rarely.”

Why go to a dried up well with a line of chiropractors in front of you?

Doesn’t it make any sense.  Instead let our PI Treasure Chest build relationships with other more profitable relationships like auto body shops, towing companies, PT’s, ER docs, and so on.  The problem most chiropractors have is not knowing how to approach these different industries and how to convince to refer.   I’ve heard all kinds of crazy and failed approaches.  The answers to these million dollar questions lie within the Treasure Chest.

For many years we used to work with chiropractors around the nation to build and maintain long term personal injury referrals from other auto accident specialists.  What we found was we were much more successful when the chiropractic office had a representative like a doctor that was involved in the relationship building.  As you can imagine it can be difficult for our team (here in Vancouver, WA) to build relationships on your behalf in your town.  What we have established is a proven and extremely effective system for building a lifetime referral network, called the PI Treasure Chest.

This system will grow a long term PI practice by building a referral network from other industries in your area.  NOT JUST PI ATTORNEYS, but many other industries;  Auto Body Shops, Tow truck drivers, Taxi cab drivers, ER docs, Family docs, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, and so on.  You may have even attempted to market to the above industries in the past.  Most chiropractors understand chiropractic care, but do not understand what it takes to build a profitable referral network.  You can’t simply walk in and leave some business cards on a shelf.  The Treasure chest allows you to get in the mind of the front desk, the owners, and other people in the business.  You’ll discover the “WIIFM” (Whats In It For Me) for these different businesses that WILL get them to refer!

The Treasure Chest is not as fast acting as Money Maker Mailings or the Secret Weapon, but like a locomotive, once it gets going, it takes very little to continue producing results.  One of our clients has earned over $500,000 in referrals from just one Naturopath!  Once you implement the treasure chest it will produce dividends for decades!

The Treasure Chest includes  Step by step instructions, letters, phone scripts, PI postcards, monthly check lists, PI brochures, WIIFM, Glove Box Guides, leave behind information, PI Branding customized for your office, monthly coaching for you and your staff, access and rights to use our successful and proven proprietary marketing materials directed towards different industries all customized to your practice and much more.  If you are concerned that the PI Treasure Chest won’t work, let me take your concern away as I back it up with a Money Back Guarantee!  If you actually implement and follow the guide, participate in coaching, and don’t make your money back, I’ll give it back!

No commitment required!  The Treasure Chest will pay for itself after only 1 PI patient!  Currently only a one time fee of $997.  This offer is 50% off, and will not last. Call today remember this is covered by a Money Back Guarantee.  meaning you are guaranteed to make your money back over the course of the campaign or we will give it back!

The Treasure Chest works well in conjunction with Money Maker Mailings or the Secret Weapon.  Together you have instant PI patients and after a short period of time the Treasure Chest will produce results which allows you to reduce your expenditures on the Mailings.

Not sure when to start the Treasure Chest?  Have a limited budget?  Have limited time?  Give me a call and I’ll tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes. 360-334-6226, John.

Referral personal Injury marketing campaign for auto accidentsPI marketing auto accident marketing

PI Money Maker Postcard Mailings:

Our system of mailing directly to people in recent auto accidents is unmatched in success, affordability, and ease of use.

Most unsuccessful PI mailings done by other companies or by the chiropractors office are done to early, lack the proper information and only mailed one time.  Our coveted money maker mailings provides educational components, correct frequency, ideal timing, effective offers, among other secret strategies that provides phenomenal success.

This incredible PI campaign allows you to reach recent auto accident lists in your area with strategic and proven direct mail.  You will see new PI patients each month by marketing using our PI Money Maker Campaign.

93% of Americans have not ever seen a chiropractor, so they do not understand nor value the care you provide even if you discount your rates.  Each of our mailings provides educational component to inform recent auto accident victims of how chiropractic care can help their different symptoms and the value of getting checked out.

This campaign is completely hands free.  We handle everything and make sure it is producing new patients for you.  This includes the auto accident list, design, printing, addressing, first class postage, strategic timing of each drop, and reporting.  The cost of this campaign varies from state to state, but for the starting price for most states to market people in recent auto accidents  is  around $497 per month. This campaign is month to month with no commitment nor long term contract required.  Call for exact pricing in your area.

We do grant exclusivity so be sure to call and lock your area in before your competition does.  If you are interested, please call 360-326-8896 and ask John for complete details.

Chiropractic postcards to market to recent auto accidents

DIY PI Marketing:

If you are a do it your selfer or have a small budget that requires you to start small, our DIY PI Marketing Systems might be right for you.  We offer several DIY options including:

  • Coaching you how to get auto accident lists -Starts at $1997
  • Providing auto accident lists to you directly- Start at $5/name
  • PI Postcards designed, printed and shipped to you. $1297
  • Phone scripts and PI telemarketing coaching Telemarketing scripts $4,999, Or  $499 per month for coaching.
  • PI branding kits that include everything you need to effectively market and brand your practice.  Design and Printing included. Start at $899
  • PI Marketing coaching session on what works and what doesn’t work in PI Marketing. Includes web, timing, telemarketing, mail, and other options so you can make an educated decision on what is the right way to invest in your PI marketing.  $199.

Chiropractic_personal_injury_Marketing_materialsPersonal Injury branding kit for chiropractorscoaching for personal injury marketing

Personal Injury auto accident postcard pricing

how to get auto accident lists Chiropractic Personal Injury MarketingCall 360-326-8896 to learn about all our Personal Injury Marketing programs, additional information and pricing!

* Money back guarantee NOT available on PI DIY systems.  Money Back Guarantee refers to you are guaranteed to make your money back.  Call for details, and ask for the required Money Back Guarantee form.

**Auto Accident Lists not readily available in all states.  We have current lists available in Washington, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Jersey, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, North Carolina, Delaware, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Illinois, South Carolina, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Louisiana, Tennessee, Maryland, Texas, Utah, Massachusetts, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Mississippi,  Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire.  Not available in every city of every state so call for details.  We are able to coach you to get lists on your own in just about every city of every state though.